square B6, cemetery lake - 1/11/03

Woman Who Has Just Come Back From Canada (and her dog, Lady)

She's living in Shirley at the moment, house sitting for her sister, so today she and Lady came to the Common by Car. She likes to keep active and travel as much as possible. In the last year, she has stayed in Scotland, Surrey and Canada amongst them and is going to France next week. She hopes to return to Canada in 2005, 'God willing', so the next year will be a quieter one. She plans to take a holiday in a caravan for a few weekends, possibly on the Isle of Wight.

She believes that you shouldn't let anything hold you back. She has been widowed twice. She misses her friends in Canada and dislikes the way that in this county you have to wait to b invited back to someone's house for a cup of tea and two biscuits.
She believes that creativity is born into you. Her mother was a milliner (and made her children all of their clothes) and her father a confectioner and baker. Apparently he used to design and make cakes that were something else!

She thinks that no young person makes an effort at cooking or baking these days. This is important at this time of year because you need homemade soups and casseroles.

She worked as a teacher for many years, teaching art and craft and says it was easier then because you had the pupil's respect and discipline then feared.

She went to a High School graduation ceremony in Ontario and says that it was a farce,. they have ceremonies fore everything over there. She also thinks that our education is of a higher standard.

She makes all her own cards, mainly embroidered and is currently working on the silhouette of an elephant and it's child for the 15th birthday of a friends. Apparently quite apt as he is easily led.
She is also working on another for a 40th birthday which she will be having framed. Special friends deserve special cards.

Lady is a small white dog who was abandoned aged 2. She now has a new mummy who has been looking after her for 4 1/2 years.



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