square D4, underpass area - 29/10/03

I am sitting on a bench. A bench without a view. Brambles and gorse are up ahead of me. I have a very narrow view of the footpath and a lamppost. And that's it, that's all I can see.

The bench is on a grassy island, surrounded by ditches and rivers of gorse. It has been decorated and tagged.

I've been sat on this bench for 10 minutes trying to work out what I am meant to be looking at. All I can think is that it has been specially placed here for gorse-lovers or people who like to keep an eye on footpaths or lampposts. Or perhaps it's a bench where you don't have to look at anything. Somewhere you can sit and let your mind go blacnk, or just look at the scene inside your mind. Inspiration.

Although the only thing it seems to have inspired is for someone to eat a bag of Skips and leave the packet.


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