square C7-D7, where they know all about the Common

I remember there being a hump to the right of the entrance which seemed massive to me at the time. Which I wanted to use as a bike jump. But it was really tiny. And useless.
We went across the hump at the start of the mapping workshop, armed with plastic bags, soggy notebooks and pencils. And I think I was more interested in look at the mice in the tank inside.
I remember that at some point they found a young hedgehog. I remember a hedgehog in a box under the table. I remember being allowed to touch it. Hard and not as spiky as I'd imagined.
I remember newts and voles. They now only have mice and interactive displays.

The conservation area behind with wooden boardwalks and big ponds and a jetty where you can stand and look over into the water. And little hides which face the Common and you can look through for wildlife. Although the only things you ever really see are squirrels and blackbirds. It was an exciting place. But I just don't want to be in there. I think it's because I have spent so much time on the common that I don't want it to be someone else's. I've become really overprotective.

Before the conservation centre was here, there was a zoo. It closed before I was born. I always imagine it to be like a mini version of Berlin Zoo, all concrete and unhappy animals.


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