square C4, the crossroads

Constant rush of traffic mixed with duck noise , bike tires on wet tarmac and dogwalkers (who look like Marc Almond) calling after their dogs.

Grey sky billows with smoky clouds, constantly moving as though trying to reveal the sun. As it gets lighter, more life arrives. Jogging, walking determined, seagulls patting the ground and flocking in the distance. As they fly overhead they leave a dark shape above, black on the grey cloud.

Skittering dogs, chase the cyclists, sliding on the wet paths. Going the wrong ways only to be called back. A single magpie.

Unseen magpies in the tree cackle. Lost in the bare branches and sparse leaves. Crows join in, shrieking. I wonder, everytime a person sees a lone magpie and, fearing melancholy, says hello to him and his misses, are there more, waiting in the nearby trees to laugh?!


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