square D3-E3, frosty day

I've just recognised the area that I'm in. This is the site where I did some rehearsals for one of the worse shows I've even been in and one of the reasons why I don't do anything like that anymore. There's a strange collection of objects in front of me. There is a silver birch branch and it's frosty, and just in front of it is a brick which has been broken in half but it's still lying together which a one inch gap between the two pieces, a straw and three other bits of wood. They're probably totally unrelated, but the positioning makes them look like they should be from the same story.

You know that fear you have, when you're a child and there's stream that you have to jump over? Well, I'm experiencing it now. I'm standing in front of a stream which is only about half a metre wide and no depth at all and there are leaves leading into it. But for some reason, it's scared me.

I entered an area of denser wood a moment ago, but I've started hearing really solid traffic in front of me. I've got completely confused. I forgot that I must be coming up towards The Avenue.

I've just found the most amazing amazing fungi. It seems to be growing from underneath this piece of dead wood and emerging from these leaves on the floor. It's got this beautiful yellow colouring, drifting to brown stems. And then some other capped ones, just along from them which are lighter. It's like at home, when we'd occasionally get puffballs which, and I don't think you should really, but you can burst them. And all these spores go everywhere. It's also reminding me of the other day when I heard someone saying that mushrooms are closer to meat in structure than vegetable. Well that's good to know.

There's a hole in the ground. A pit. I have no idea what it is.

I've just found more mushrooms. Only decaying ones. And another type which is growing on a tree stump, which look like they are part of the tree because they have rings growing through them in the direction of the tree rings. I remember being told that you can eat these, but I'm not going to try, just in case.

I've just been struggling my way through twisted branches and holly bushes and I thought I was coming out onto an open green but I've ended up in the middle of brambles. There's no footpath and no way out it seems. I'll just have to climb over them. There's gorse too. I've come to a ditch which is filled with bramble, oh and it's really stream. The sides have slippery fern on the banks. I'm going to try and jump it.


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