square A4-A5, somewhere uncomfortable

The last few days, I have been uneager to revisit the Common. Instead I've been busying myself with books, history and theory. I can't really explain the exact feeling, it isn't that I'm scared or bored or even lazy. It seems to be this slight uncomfortable feeling. This happens when I've picked a square that I'm unfamiliar with (although not always).

Today, after picking square A4 (and the adjoining A5), I was reluctant to venture out. Partly because I didn't know what was there, and partly because the one thing I knew is there is the private Lodge and base for the keepers and gardeners. I think I have been avoiding these people because as much as this is common ground, it seems as though they are its guardians and that I should answer to them. This has got me thinking about land ownership. Because theoretically, I own the Common.

Walking about in the Autumn sunshine, I noticed a small path leading into a wooded area just off Hill Lane. This area was filled with little shelters. It didn't feel right. As though the Common isn't really mine ad isn't even on loan to me. I felt as though this area belonged to someone else and that I shouldn't be there.

I wasn't there for much longer. I walked around some other, more familiar, areas of the Common for a while before making my way to the library to reaffirm what a Common should be.


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