square C7-D7, where they know all about the Common

I've just passed the mock-tudor toilets on my right. I don't know if they're open, I didn't want to check. In this project I've been very disinclined to explore buildings on the Common. I'm just coming up to another now.

It's seems fitting that my last square encompasses the one building that has all the nature information on the Common in it. This is The Hawthorn Centre, which is also a conservation area. They have an area of closed off ground behind the building which they use for nature groups, schools, I went there when I was quite small. I remember doing a workshop there on mapping. Which started me off, notating everything that I do. Writing, pictures, dictaphones. I was probably 9 or 10. I don't actually want to go in there today. I feel quite awkward about it. I don't quite know why. So instead I'm going to try to remember.

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I'm the other side of the Hawhthorns. I've been walking round the back where I've noticed that the conservation park is held in by a wire mesh fence. Which is strange, because I don't think the outside is any different to the inside. It seems to be an unecessary fence.
I've just come across a pond which is so covered in duck weed that I thought it was grass at first. And lying in the centre, as if sitting on a field of grass, is a copy of the Daily Sport. Through the trees I can also see a rope swing hanging from a tree. Bright blue rope and a branch for a seat.
I'm facing a line of cars. The are parked facing into the Common in the only carpark on this land. As usual, most of them are business men from the centre of town, in their posh cars eating their sandwiches. A pretty view for a lunchtime. None of them step out for a walk.

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