square C4, the crossroad, sunrise

When the Sun Takes Over:

7:24am The sun has now officially risen
7:26am 3 street lamps out
7:27am 5 out
7:32am 7 out
7:33am Begin to wonder if stubborn street lamp next to me is staying on just for me.
7:36am Two men have been watching me for the last 3 minutes. They are chatting while their dogs sniff around each other, but keep looking up at me as though I'm calling their names.
7:39am A third man has now stopped to talk and inadvertently look at me. No more street lamps have felt it necessary to go out.
7:41am I start to wonder if the talking men control the street lamps, waiting to see when I will give up and go somewhere else.
7:42am A scattering of rain hits my face. I wonder if they (now 4) control the weather too.
7:43am A cyclist who still has his lights on seems to taunt me. Ducks have invaded the footpath.
7:45am As I was watching the ducks, my street lamp went out.
7:46am 9 out
7:47am 10 out
7:48am 12 out. Only 2 left
7:51am Wish I'd brought a flask
7:52am Maybe a deck-chair too
7:53am 2 lights still lit. I start to realise that both lights are shielded by trees
7:57am Traffic on The Avenue is getting heavier. Only 1 light to go!
7:59am A man asks me if I took a picture of some ducks. He thinks I should take it to the nature centre because it's such a rare occurrence.
8:03am While I was watching 2 dogs play fighting, the final light goes out. I briefly ponder how street lamps are like digital watches. How you never see the number roll forward. Likewise, I never saw the exact moment the light switched off.


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