square C1-C2, the covered reservoir

I know that I've ended up at a lot of places that I haven't been able to go; places that are covered with brambles or ivy, or have made me feel intensely uncomfortable just to be there, or have been so densely wooded that there has physically been no way for me to push myself through the trees, some which have been so covered with people playing rugby that I would get lost in the game if I tried to step in. But this has really been the first place which I actually can't get to because of human intervention. It's the first time that I've come up against a fence where there's no way in and no way for me to break the rules. I know that it's for my own safety, but it doesn't make it feel any less like an incredible barrier. Like cutting off my Common from me. I think that lots of other people have thought this because there are tracks running around it where people have obviously tried to get in. Tried and given up.

It is such a raised area of ground that I can't actually see across the land. I can see that the top may be covered in grass, I can see that there are trees beyond, although I know that anyway, but apart from that it's a complete mystery what's up there. It feels strange.

I found a bolted gate up onto the top of the reservoir. A couple of the railings are bent out of shape. It looks like one of those comic drawings where someone has bent the bars of the prison to poke their head through. That's what it reminds me of. Except there it's someone trying to get out. And here it's someone trying to get in.

The mound looks like a motte and bailey castle because there is a ditch running round it too, although most of it is filled with bramble. It looks almost like it could be some sort of protected monument. I'd prefer to think of it as that. Instead of knowing that it's an old covered reservoir.

I just found steps leading up to a small concrete building with 'Southern Water Services' written on it and the county crest. I've also come across a manhole that is padlocked.

In between the trees, leading to open ground, there is a white diamond mat slightly covered by leaves. It looks like the carpet that makes up a dry ski slope.

I also passed Postman Pat's post van.

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